Best Springfit Mattresses- Buy the best low price mattress

Springfit mattress is one of the premium mattresses that tries to match your class and quality. For the Springfit group, your sleep is most precious, thus they craft the mattresses to provide you with the best sleep solutions. A comfortable and complete sleep will automatically energize you and make you feel fresh throughout the day. Your overall well being and health is dependent upon the good sleep. Thus, the Springfit mattresses “aim to make sleep a perfect experience and not just a need”- Springfit Mattresses.

After detailed research into the sleeping habits and various sleep problems, the Springfit mattresses have crafted a wide range of mattresses such as memory foam, gel foam, rebonded foam mattress and many more. 

 Springfit Mattress Collection:

  • I-sleep Collection- The i-sleep mattress collection by Springfit is one of the classes. The i-sleep series of mattress comprises luxurious mattress handcrafted in premium quality. It even consists of customized mattresses as per the choice of the customers.
  • Club-class Collection- This Club-class mattress collection comprises elegant and highly comfortable mattresses. The quality pocket spring in the mattresses keeps it cool and provides enough support. 
  • Autograph Collection- This is a collection of luxurious mattresses that provides high-quality comfort. It has been crafted by combining the trend and technology. You will be satisfied with this collection.
  • Reactive Collection- The mattresses in this collection are created with self-adjusting hard reactive foam that creates buoyancy and takes the shape of the spine. This mattress collection will be a complete therapy for your back.
  • Dry Cool Collection- It consists of the mattresses designed specially to regulate your body temperature while you are sleeping. It also adjusts according to your body weight and position.
  • ProActiv Collection- This is a budget-friendly collection of the mattress. The low price of the mattress does not comprise on its quality. The mattress is a combination of different kinds of foams to provide maximum comfort and relief
  • Imperial Collection- One of the unique collections of Springfit, the mattresses of this collection has been crafted beautifully from a unique speciality foam technology with the finest of materials.

Which are the Best Springfit Mattresses:

Since we have already made you aware of the large mattress collection of Springfit, its now time to help you choose the best Springfit mattress. At, Guidelegacy you will get a detailed overview of each mattress that would suit your needs.  

Springfit ClubClass Natura Pocketed Spring Mattress:

The classic design of the Springfit ClubClass Natura Pocketed Spring Mattress has attracted many eyes.  Elegance is a significant feature of this mattress. Its unique features and fine cooling materials make it one of a kind which would provide you uninterrupted sleep.  Let’s take a look at some of its classic features that define this mattress.

 Size:  Length- 72 inches Width: 72 inches Height: 6 inches

Warranty: 10 years

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Features of the mattress

  • High GSM-Knitted Fabric- The mattress is covered with the soft texture fabric which allows the air to permeate adequately. The moisture-wicking ability allows the mattress to last longer. Moreover, the permeability of the fabric helps in temperature regulation.
  • High Resilient Foam- The Springfit high-resilient foam has been formed by Aero Sleep technology. Thus, it provides maximum support to the body when you sleep. 
  • Advanced Pocket Spring- Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocketed Springs coils give you a comfortable and stress-free sleep. Moreover, these coils provide durability to the mattress.
  • Aero Sleep Technology- The Aero sleep technology used in crafting the mattress adjusts according to the weight and also plays an important role in regulating your body temperature.
  •  Cushioning material- The gelled polyfill layer in the mattress gives it a cushioning feel and makes it moisture-free.  
  • Zero partner disturbance- The various material of the mattress makes it firm and there is absolutely no disturbance while you sleep. Even if your partner changes sides there will be absolutely no interruption in your sleep.

Springfit Imperial Visco Pro Latex Foam Mattress

Who would not wish to have a luxurious mattress in their room? The Imperial Visco Pro Latex Foam is crafted from premium quality materials. This mattress has been designed after detailed research into the various sleep problem. Thus, it has been infused with intelligent features that would provide a solution to all your sleep problems. 

Size: Length- 78 inches Width- 72 inches Height- 8 inches

Warranty: 10 years

Features of the mattress

  • Comfortable fabric: The mattress has been covered with extremely soft and ultra-luxurious fabric that offers a plush feel. The silky-smooth feel of the mattress gives it a velvety feel. 
  • Evenly distributes the bodyweight- The memory foam of the mattress distributes the body weight evenly and provides maximum support. Its low bounce back properties offer relief to the pressure points.
  • Adaptable to the weather conditions- The design of the mattress formed of the latex foam makes it adaptable to the weather conditions. In other words, it will keep you warm during winters and cool during summers. Thus, it ensures that you enjoy a luxurious sleep.
  • Highly breathable fabric- It is created from a lightweight and breathable fabric which is also hydrophobic. Thus, it holds less than 1% of its weight in water when soaked.
  • Hygienic cover- The mattress is covered with a dry clean hygienic cover which gives you a relaxed and comfortable sleep. 

Springfit Proactive Flip Hard & Soft HR Foam Queen Mattress

Springfit Proactive Flip Hard & Soft HR Foam Queen Mattress is one of the best dual comfort mattresses within your budget. The flippable top of the mattress provides relief to your body. People suffering from severe back problems should definitely buy these mattresses. It has been designed with some of the finest particles.

Size: Length- 78 inches Width- 60 inches Height- 4 inches

Warranty: 5 years

Features of the mattress

  • Premium Fabric material- The mattress has been designed from high-quality materials. These materials enable moisture-wicking airflow and protect your mattress from any kind of bacteria or fungus.
  • Proper Alignment of the body- The latex present in the layers of the mattress ensures proper support to the shoulders and hips, thus providing proper alignment to your body, especially your back.
  • Noise-free movements- The Turkish thermo bond layer diminishes the sound while you move to provide an undisturbed peaceful sleep. 
  • Adequate Back Support- The high-resilient foam used in the formation of this mattress helps in relieving the pressure points and offers ideal back support. All the extra pressure is eliminated and your body is perfectly positioned.
  • Dual Comfort- You can easily flip the mattress and sleep on either side. There is no doubt that each side of the mattress will provide you with the perfect sleep. 

Why should you choose Springfit Mattress?

Sleep is an essential component of your daily life. Springfit mattress aims at offering a hassle-free and comfortable sleep. To meet up the daily challenges it is necessary to have an adequate amount of sleep. The wide range of mattress collection of Springfit not only meets your sleeping needs but also makes sure that there is no disturbance while you are sleeping. Moreover, Springfit has specialisation in making the pocket spring mattress that makes it one of the best choice. Well, the best part is, it is not at all heavy on your pocket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect the mattress from any stain or spoilage?

One of the easiest solution to prevent the mattress from spoiling is to use a Springfield Platinum mattress protector that would protect your mattress from dust mites and also controls unwanted odour.

Is the mattress long lasting?

The Springfit mattress have been created by Certiguard, which is a silver-based antimicrobial. This would protect your mattress from any kind of unwanted microbe growth. Thus, making it clean, healthy and long-lasting.

Are all the collections of Springfit mattress budget-friendly?

For Springfit, sleep is one of the essential factors. The entire collection of these mattresses has been formed by to provide comfort and peace while you sleep. Thus most of Springfit mattress collection is within the budget so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Is the mattress water-resistant?

The mattress has been designed with the hydrophobic fabric which does not allow much of the water to percolate into the mattress. Thus your mattress remains well protected from getting wet and dirty.