Top 5 LG refrigerators in 2020- A Guide for buying!

LG has always aimed at making life good with its smart technologies. Each and every appliance you buy from LG will have absolutely outstanding features. When it comes to refrigerators LG has been one of the most reliable brands. The features as well as its excellent services have satisfied a lot of customers. Thus, for your convenience, the experts of GuideLegacy have shortlisted the best LG refrigerators for your home.

LG 260 Litre Double Door Refrigerator

Not many brands can match the quality of LG refrigerators. Designed to give you unmatched performance, the LG 260Litre Double Door Refrigerator ranks first in being one of the best refrigerators in India. It is one of the most advanced and energy-efficient compressor with a 4.5-star rating. It is a frost-free refrigerator whose capacity is 260 litres which can easily suffice a family of 5-6 people. Besides these, the fridge comes with 3 shelves of spill-proof unbreakable glass material. 

This refrigerator comes with delectable features such as:

  • Ice Beam Door Cooling system: This circulates air from the vents along with the back, it makes sure every corner of the refrigerator is cooled evenly. 
  • Stabilizer: A reliable stabilizer free operation (100V~310V) reduces the chances of damage due to voltage fluctuations. 
  • Auto smart Connect: This automatically connects the refrigerator to the home inverter so that every time the power goes off it spontaneously takes inverter power to run the refrigerator without any manual supervision. 
  • Jet Ice technology: To satisfy your ice-cream temptations, the refrigerator uses a multi airflow technology. It also caters to the need of ice at short notices. 
  • Moist Balance Crisper: This maintains an optimum moisture level inside the vegetable box to the keeps fruits, vegetable fresh for weeks.

The LG 260Litre Double Door Refrigerator comes with a 1-year warranty and a 10 days replacement policy on Amazon. LG provides a fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues by the LG Customer Service Helpline and best after-sales service to its customers.

  • Low annual consumption with only 194 units per year
  • Compatible with home inverter system
  • Best and economical for an average Indian family
  • During a power cut, it can run on power equal to 2 CFL bulbs
  • Shelves are not adjustable in height
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

LG 190 Litre Single Door Refrigerator

Not all good refrigerators have double doors. This has been proved right by LG’s 190 LitreSingle Door Refrigerator. With a 4 star rating, this refrigerator is all you need if you live in a nucleated or a small family. It has been ranked as one of the best refrigerators in India. It is a Direct Cool Refrigerator which means it requires manual defrosting, with a capacity of 190 litres. This fridge features an anti-bacterial gasket for keeping the food hygienic and healthy for extended periods. The features which make the refrigerator in demand are:

  • Smart Connect Technology: This Direct Cool refrigerator is compatible with the home inverter. In other words, this technology connects the refrigerator to the home inverter, with no hassle during a power cut. 
  • Fast Ice Making: This exclusive feature makes ice cubes in just 108 minutes.
  • Stabilizer: It has a powerful in-built stabilizer which handles a wide range of voltage fluctuations from 90V to up to 310 Volts.
  • Moist-n-Fresh: The refrigerator has a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. It condenses the evaporated moisture and locks them which keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time.

The toughened glass shelves inside the fridge can bear a load up to 175kg. No matter how heavy the utensils are, the shelves are capable of holding heavy food items. The LG 190 LitreSingle Door Refrigerator comes with a 1-year warranty on products and 10-years warranty on the compressor. The product’s high ratings and positive reviews are a testimony to the trust and faith the customers have in the product.

  • Smart connect to home inverter during power cuts
  • High-quality cooling with the help of a smart inverter compressor
  • Low power consumption of 164 units per year
  • Base Stand enhances the overall look of the refrigerator
  • Refrigerator requires manual defrosting
  • Vibrates and makes noise

LG 215 Litre 5 Star Direct-Cool One-Door Refrigerator

 LG refrigerators are both stylish and functional. The various features of the LG refrigerators which include adjustable refrigerator shelves and drawers in a range of sizes makes it unique from other refrigerator brands. Whether you organize them by food group, family favourites or shelf life, you’ll find an abundance of room for the things you use every day. LG 215L 5 Star Direct-Cool One-Door Refrigerator is also considered as the best refrigerator brand when it comes to its user-friendly features.

  • Effective cooling- There are absolutely no fluctuations in the temperature and it cools the food items quickly and evenly. 
  • Smart Connect Technology- The smart connect technology of the refrigerator enables you to connect it to the home inverters in case of any power cuts. 
  • Smart inverter compressor- This compressor saves much of your energy and prevents any kind of unwanted noise during its functioning.
  • Adequate storage capacity- The refrigerator has an adequate storage capacity that allows you to store huge quantities of food items.
  • Anti-bacterial Gasket- The anti-bacterial gasket of the refrigerator keeps your food safe and prevents any kind of spoilage. 
  • Moist n Fresh’- The innovative lattice patterned box termed as ‘moist n fresh’ maintains the moisture at an optimum level. 

It is an energy-efficient refrigerator that will not put a heavy toll on your electricity bills. The spillproof toughened glass shelves can take up the maximum load of 175 kgs. It has a spacious chiller tray and its fastest cooling capacity makes the ice faster. The refrigerator comes with a 1-year warranty and consumes almost 139 units of electricity annually. 

  • Excellent storage space for small families
  • Vegetables and fruits retain their freshness even for a week.
  • The smart inverter compressor technology eliminates all noise
  • It is necessary to empty the water collected at the back of the fridge after defrosting to prevent dirt and mosquitoes for settling down.

LG 420 Litre 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

When it comes to refrigerator brands LG refrigerators are one of the strongest competitors. The advanced features of its refrigerators make it a class apart. LG 420 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. The functions and smart technology of the refrigerator will amaze you. Let’s get a quick overview of some of its astounding features. 

  • Smart Diagnosis- The smart diagnosis of LG allows solves any of the problem related to the refrigerator quickly and easily. 
  • Auto-Smart Connect Technology- It allows your refrigerator to connect automatically to the home inverter in case of any power cut. 
  • Smart Inverter Compressor- The smart inverter compressor provides efficiency to the refrigerator and also reduces the noise while it is functioning.
  • Moisture Balance- It has a moist balance crisper which maintains the optimum level of moisture inside the refrigerator. 
  • Moist n Fresh- The special lattice patterned vegetable box maintains the right kind of moisture and prevents an excess of moisture from forming to increase the freshness.

The toughened glass shelves of the refrigerator can carry heavy loads without any kind of spillage. You can store as much as you want without any worries. It is quite spacious and you can even store 2 litres of the bottle easily in the refrigerator. It is quite suitable for families with more than 5 members. The refrigerator even consists of  Convertible Box, Spice Box, Deodorizer: Catechin. It has a 1-year warranty.

  • Enough space inside the refrigerator.
  • Shiny steel appearance.
  • Less noise.
  • Auto defrost feature.
  • No LED display screen and temperature adjustment feature on the front door panel.

LG 335 Litre 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG is a reliable brand which provides one of the best refrigerators and other electrical appliances. It offers a wide range of refrigerators with a stylish design, display and power-packed features. LG 335 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator 

is a double door frost-free refrigerator with an authentic design and features.

  • Even cooling- The advanced cooling system of the refrigerator ensures air circulation in every corner of the refrigerator to maintain adequate and even temperature throughout the refrigerator.
  • Easily Convertible- This convertible feature of the refrigerator enables maximum storage and keeps the fruits and vegetables as fresh as the farms.
  • Smart Diagnosis- You can quickly and easily solve any problem related to the refrigerator through its smart diagnosis.
  • Auto-Smart Connect Technology- It allows your refrigerator to connect automatically to the home inverter in case of any power cut. 
  • Smart Inverter Compressor- The smart inverter compressor provides efficiency to the refrigerator and also reduces the noise while it is functioning.
  • Door Alarm- The door alarm rings only at the time when your refrigerator door has been kept open for a long time.

The refrigerator consists of trimless tempered glass shelves that are durable and long-lasting. It even has double twist ice tray and pull out tray which makes it even more efficient. Other important features of the refrigerator include Anti-Bacterial gasket, Moist balance crisper, Humidity Controller, Vegetable box. The refrigerator has a 1-year warranty. 

  • Smart inverter compressor.
  • Toughened Glass drawers and selves.
  • Less noise.
  • Enough space inside refrigerator.
  • Freezer section does not have light.
  • Have one shelf for the bottles.

Refrigerators have made our lives easier to a great extent. We can even call it a reason for our happiness, after all, who would not enjoy a bowl of ice-cream or a glass of cold water. There are several refrigerator brands, each of them is trying to introduce advanced features and technologies in the manufacturing of the refrigerator.