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4 IFB Washing Machine Reviews

Thinking of buying a washing machine? Well, LG, Samsung must be your first choices, but why not give other companies a chance as well. With the changing times, there has emerged new brands and technologies. Started nearly four decades ago in 1974 as a manufacturer of engineering tools, IFB Washing Machines has established itself as a premium brand today. With the robust build quality and decent cleaning performance at a reasonable price, the IFB washing machine has now secured a permanent position in many Indian households.

Before going into the details of the various technologies and features of IFB washing machines, it is necessary to know some basic information about washing machines. There are two types of washing machines: fully automatic and semi-automatic. The main difference between them is that of automation and price

Fully-automatic washing machines are a bit pricey and do not require any manual intervention. On the other hand, Semi-automatic washers cost you but demand manual intervention for its functioning. But at the same time, it is worth mentioning that the best semi-automatic washing machine is also capable of cleaning your clothes with expertise.

Fully-automatic washers are of two types depending upon the suitability of the users: front-loading and top-loading. Whether it be front-loading or top-loading, which one suits you needs you to have a clear understanding of its features, advantages and disadvantages.

IFB 8kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

According to experts, IFB 8kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is one of the best front loader models of IFB. With its special features and services, it suits the needs of every household.

Product characteristics:

  • Capacity– 8 kg
  • Water consumption– 60L
  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Maximum Rotational Speed– 1400RPM
  • Warranty– 4 years on product, 4 years on motor

Unique features:

  • Air Bubble Wash System– Through this technology, air bubbles that activate the detergent are activated and help it to penetrate deep into the fabric. This unique system cleans your laundry from inside. 
  • Aqua Energie technology– Hard water prevents the detergent from dissolving in water. The inbuilt aqua engine system identifies the hardness of water and changes the bicarbonates in water to crystals, which makes the water soft enough to dissolve the detergent properly. 
  • Laundry Add function– Started the machine but now want to add or remove some clothes? With the Laundry Add function of the washer, you can add or remove laundry items by pausing the washer in the middle of an ongoing wash cycle.
  • Washing Mechanisms– The Crescent Moon Drum adds a swish pattern to water and protects your laundry items from being rubbed against the drum wall. The Child lock function keeps the machine safe by locking the system and avoids any hassle. The water is sprayed in a 360-degree manner with great pressure to remove all the stains. 
  • High RPM gives dryer clothes
  • Child lock function
  • Saves energy and water
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations
  • Due to overuse, the machine becomes noisy

IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine comes loaded with features that make getting clean clothes a breeze. This top-loading machine gives you the convenience of loading clothes without bending your back.

Product characteristics:

  • Capacity– 7 kg
  • Water consumption– 45L
  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Maximum Rotational Speed– 1000 RPM
  • Warranty– 4-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on spare part products

Unique features:


  • Unbalance Correction: There is no specific number of clothes to put in the washing machine. In such a case, you may want to add or remove some clothes as you want to. IFB’s washer automatically detects unbalanced clothes and redistributes them evenly.
  • Aqua Energie technology– Hard water prevents the detergent from dissolving in water. The inbuilt aqua engine system energises the water, dissolving detergent with a filter treatment and gives the laundry a softer wash.
  • Wash Programs– There are 11 wash programs in this washing machine which provides you with all the flexibility you’d need to wash your clothes. 
  • Other Features– The pre-wash feature of the washer takes away the dirt from the clothes before the main wash. This allows the washer to focus on the toughest spots and therefore get rid of every stained area. Laundry Add feature allows to pause the machine mid-wash and put in more clothes.

  • Easy to handle
  • Makes low noise and no vibration
  • Saves energy and water
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Does not work properly, especially on a shirt collar

IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a top-load washing machine with a capacity of 7kg. Furthermore, it also has a fully automated operation to add to the convenience and provides excellent washing experience as well.

Product characteristics:

  • Capacity– 7 kg
  • Water consumption– 118L
  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Maximum Rotational Speed– 720 RPM
  • Warranty– 4-year warranty on the product

Unique features:

  • Triadic Pulsator Wash: For a better washing experience, the machine uses three methods alongside one another for full removal of stains. The Soft Scrub Pads gently scrub off dirt molecules, Swirl Jets then produce strong jets of water to get rid of dirt from every part of the cloth, including corners. Meanwhile, the Centre Punch uses a subtle mechanical action to squeeze out the remaining dirt.
  • Smart Sensor– The sensor in the machine determines the weight of the load and optimises the wash for cleaning. Besides, it also makes sure to supply the right amount of detergent. 
  • Crescent-Shaped Grooves– The smooth grooves of the washtub acts a gentle cushion to avoid damage to the clothes. It also prevents tangling of fabrics. 
  • Other Features– The 3D washing system allows the water inlet from three sides and soaks the fabric well enough to give a good wash. The machine has a sturdy design and is made of made out of stainless steel, which removes the issue of rust. 
  • Provides a variety in Water Inlet Selection: Hot/Warm/Cold
  • 8 Wash Programs and Water Level up to 10.
  • Saves energy and water
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Buttons are hard to press
  • Expensive

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

As mentioned, IFB is famous for manufacturing the best front loader washing machines. This IFB 6.5 kg fully-automatic front loading washing machine comes with 100 wash programmes which cater to every fabric.


Product features:

  • Capacity– 6.5 kg
  • Water consumption– 43L
  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Maximum Rotational Speed– 1000
  • Warranty– 4 years comprehensive warranty on the product

Unique features:

  • 3D Wash System– This is a very common and essential feature in most of the IFB products. This feature removes even the most difficult stains from your clothes. 
  • Triadic Pulsator– The machine uses three methods for thorough washing. It’s soft scrub pads gently remove sticky spots, Swirl Jets removes dirt from every corner of the cloth. The mechanical centre punch action efficiently pushes the dirt out of the laundry.
  • Aqua Energie Technology– This technology converts hard water into soft water so that detergents can be adequately dissolved in water. It also protects the essential parts of the washing machine from the harmful effects of hard water.
  • Washing Mechanisms– The washing mechanism of the machine features programmes like Cradle Wash which is suitable for delicate clothes like silk, chiffon, laces and satin. Express wash for lightly soiled clothes like your gym clothes and Babywear designed for the delicate baby clothes.
  • Various Washing Programmes
  • Protection against Voltage fluctuation
  • Child lock function
  • Works with Hard Water
  • Due to overuse, the machine becomes noisy
  • The hinge of front open can disfunction

What makes IFB washing machines so unique?

IFB Washing Machine is a market leader, especially in the front loaders category.  As compared to its competitor’s, it occupies 40% of the market in the front loaders segment. The popularity and the lead which the company has gained owes to its modern technologies, which separates it from the others. 

  • Smart Loader– Regarded as India’s first smart washing machine, this IFB product is a new class of washing machine. Its in-built smart technology caters to the special needs of its users. Whether it be a stubborn stain of sauce or clothes soiled by dust, it smartly distinguishes between these two types of stains and cleans them with dexterity.
  • 360° Wash– Setting an example of its outstanding engineering skills, IFB possesses an exciting water spraying feature. Its water framework spouts the water in a 360° manner inside the drum. By evenly soaking the clothes, the detergent penetrates deep into the fabric providing a better washing experience.
  • O2 Wash– To offer a superior washing experience, IFB washing machines create numerous air bubbles that penetrate deep into the fabric and remove stubborn stains. By using its 3D wash system, the washer forces out all the detergent off the garments.
  • Cradle Wash– Not just your regular clothes, IFB has got your covered even for your delicate wears. The Cradle Wash is a well-designed feature of this brand which ensures gentle care the delicate garments deserve.
  • Child Lock– Being a front-loader washing machine, there is always a possible risk of your child getting harmed if you are not careful. But with IFB’s Child Lock feature, you can be care-free and relax. Child lock ensures that your baby does not mess up the washing machine’s settings.

With a combination of all these unique features, all available at such a reasonable price makes IFB washing machine your first choice when it comes to making an investment. 

From the time IFB started making washing machines, come a long way and has established itself as the market leader in the front loaders category with its advanced technology and superior build quality. IFB’s primary brand attraction has been mainly due to word-of-mouth publicity and repeated purchases by the customers.