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Buying guide for Best Washing Machines

Whenever you search for the best washing machines on any of the shopping apps or visit the store, you are immediately introduced to a wide range of options. Even the various advertisements on your television that portray the features of the washing machines fascinatingly and attractively might influence your choice. However, buying a washing machine is not at all a small investment. You need to take into consideration the various factors that would ultimately suit your needs. 

Best washing machine guide

But can you understand which is best for you? It is not wrong to say that one can only understand a particular product when he uses it. However, you can’t use the product before buying it. You must be in great confusion as to what could be a solution to this problem. Well we as experts, will give you the solution for your worries. All your questions and the smallest of your doubts in terms of the most reliable washing machines would be answered. 

When it comes to finding out which is the best washing appliance it is important to note that each of it differs from one another in terms of capacity, features, load and functions. Thus, you will have to consider a lot of factors before you can buy one of the most reliable washing machines

Essential components of a Washing Machine

  • Loading type- Well, there are two different kinds of loading type of washing machine. One is the front loading and the other is the top-loading. Each of these types has its pros and cons. 
  • Capacity- Each washing machine has its capacity. There are large as well as small-capacity washing machines. The choice of the capacity depends upon the size of the family or the needs of the customers. 
  • Function types- There are two different functioning types of washing machine. It is either fully-automatic or semi-automatic


 Washing machines in India can be categorized into two types 

  • Fully-automatic
  • Semi-automatic

Fully automatic washing machines

 When it comes to choosing the best washing machine often the people think that fully automatic washing machines are the most reliable ones. However, this is not the case, choosing a fully-automatic machine depends upon the budget and needs of an individual.

Features of fully-automatic washing machines:

  • There is a single tub for washing and drying of the clothes.
  •  A fully automatic washing machine dies everything automatically. 
  • All you need to do is make necessary to wash settings.

The fully-automatic washing machine can also be categorized into two types:

  1. Top loading washing machine 
  2. Front-load washing machine

Top Loading washing machine- In this type clothes are loaded from the top as the tub is placed vertically into the machine. It has a single tub for both washing and drying, therefore you do not have to move clothes in between the tubs. 

Features of the top-loading washing machines:

  • It is light in weight and is lower in cost than the front load washing machines.
  • You just need to set the functions for the wash and the rest is done by the machine.
  • It has an attached water inlet tap which controls and maintains the level of water.
  • The cost of top-loading washing machines is less than front-load.

Drawbacks :

  • It consumes a lot of water and thus you need a running source to get the machine to complete the automatic cycle.
  • There are fewer programs and features as compared to the front-load washing machines.

Front-load Washing Machine- As the name suggests in this type of washing machine the clothes are loaded from the front. It has a door on the front side of the machine.

Features of the front-load washing machine:

  • It is more water-efficient and has more cycle settings.
  • The long wash cycles and the tumble wash of the machine ensures a better washing quality. 
  • It even has a hot water supply feature.
  • This washing machine has more than 30 programs and advanced child lock.


  • The machine is heavier than the top-load machines and is also more expensive.
  • It has to be installed in one place and cannot be moved easily.
  •  It takes small loading capacities

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are a half-way between a fully-automatic washing machine and hand-washing. It requires some sort of manual work at the time of washing. A semi-automatic washing machine might consist of a single tub or twin tub. Sometimes you have to move the wet clothes from one tub to the other for drying. 

Twin tub semi-automatic washing machine

The semi-automatic washing machine is divided into two categories:

  1. Single Tub 
  2. Twin Tub

Single tub

In this type of semi-automatic machine, there is only one tub where both drying and washing takes place.  It comes with an inner and outer layer with holes that allows the water to drain. This kind of washing machine occupies less space.

Twin tub

This is the most commonly used semi-automatic washing machine. It consists of two tubs placed consecutively. One of the tubs is used for washing and the other for drying. For the washing procedure, you have to move clothes from one tub to the other. 

Features of the semi-automatic washing machine:

  • They are water-efficient and allow you to add water according to your needs.
  • You can start and stop the washing machines at any time during the washing cycle.
  • The prices of semi-automatic washing machines are lower than fully automatic washing machines.
  • You can adjust the wash settings according to your needs.

Drawbacks :

  • It is rough on fabrics and leads to the tangling of clothes during the washing cycle.
  • The washing procedure is more time-consuming than a fully automatic washing machine.
  • The cleaning results might not be as efficient as the fully automatic machine.

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine depends upon the weight of clothes that you usually wash or on the size of your family. The best one will provide you with an accurate capacity as per your clothes. The factors that you need to consider before choosing the capacity of the washing machine are:

  1. The weight of the clothes whether it is light or heavy.
  2. The space occupied by the clothes.
  3. The height of your clothes.

The capacity of the washing machine is measured in kilograms. Moreover, don’t feel tempted to fill your washing with lots of water, you should fill only one-third of the tub so that the clothes can be washed and moved in easily. You should choose the capacity of your washing machine according to your wash habits.

  • If you wash your clothes once or twice in a month then a large capacity machine will be the best washing machine for you.
  • If you wash your clothes once or twice a week then opt for the medium-sized washing machine.
  • Even the machine with a small size can be considered as the most reliable washing machine, the only thing is that you will have to divide the clothes in multiple wash cycles. 

Other essential factors to consider before making a purchase

In India, apart from all the major components, there are other necessary components or factors that you need to consider before buying the most reliable washing machines. Let’s take a look at the factors to choose the best washing machines in India

  • The Material of the Tub- The tub or drum of the machine is available in different materials such as stainless steel, porcelain-enamel, and plastic. If you want the best washing machine then you should opt for the stainless steel tubs. This is because the enamel tubs can chip or rust quickly. The machines with stainless steel tubs are the most reliable washing machines as they can withstand high spin speeds and are long-lasting.
  • Spin cycle- The spin cycle feature comes into use for drying the clothes. It is determined by the number of revolutions per minute. The best machine will have a higher revolution per minute. The more will be the revolution per minute the faster will it dry the clothes. The spin cycle for frail clothes is 300-500 rpm, whereas the spin cycle for thick clothes is almost 1,000 rpm. 
  • Washing settings- The washing machines consist of several wash programs. You can even save the settings in your washing machine. The settings can be adjusted through a touchpad or the touchpad. The washing machines with such wash settings are the best washing machines and also the cheapest. 
  • Temperature Control- You might have a lot of clothes which you wish to wash in hot water or lukewarm water. The best washing machine will have the feature of temperature control, which would allow you to set the temperature of the water. In some of the washing machines, you can also find the steam setting which enables better washing.
  • Time Delay- This is a beneficial feature, as it allows you to set a particular time when your machine will automatically begin the washing. Moreover, in some of the washing machines, you will even find the pre-soak feature which will soak your clothes for a certain period, after which the wash cycle begins.

Thus, when it comes to choosing one of the best washing machines or the most reliable washing machine, do keep in mind all these factors and above all just ask yourself one question- what is my necessity and budget? This buying guide will be of great help to you in choosing the best washing machine for your house.