Best Mattress for Back Pain in India

After a long hectic day of physically and mentally straining yourself, you definitely need a good night’s sleep to comfort yourself. But what if you are not able to sleep properly? There might be a lot of reasons for it including anxiety, discomfort, pain in some part of the body (primarily the back). Whatever the reason be, having a bad or uncomfortable mattress can make situations worse. However, if you have knowledge about the best mattress for back pain in India, you can save yourself from the pain as well as the inconvenience faced by you at night.

Factors to be considered before buying the best mattress for back pain in India:

  • Support- Imbalance caused by sagging in certain portions of the mattress can cause your back to ache. Mattress support is all about keeping your body at a plane level to keep your spine straight and avoid any uneasiness. Thus people suffering from back pain should opt for a mattress which would provide maximum support to your spinal cord. 
  • Firmness or Softness- Depending upon your body weight and suitability, the mattress should neither be very firm nor very soft on your back to make it bouncy or sink in. the health of your back muscles depends largely on the texture of the mattress. 
  • Comfort- You yourself are quite capable of judging whether a particular mattress suits you or not. When your mattress is unable to provide any relief from your body pain, rather aggravates it, this is a sign that you are not comfortable with it. This discomfort will not only take a toll on your health causing backache or pain around your hips but also cause irritation. 

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India:

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This is one of the best mattress for back pain in India suggested by experts for orthopaedic purposes. It’s essential to pinpoint the major role played by the mattresses in the health of your back and spine. This is one of the major reasons for choosing the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress

Dimensions- 78*72*6 inches

Size of the mattress- King Size 

Warranty- 10 years


  • Advanced Zonal Support technology- The advanced zonal support technology of the Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress allows your spine to come into a straight position. 
  • Next-Gen Memory Foam- The memory foam responds to the pressure applied and adjusts according to the shape of the sleeper. It relieves the pressure in your body and reduces the soreness in the body. 
  • High-Density Foam- To ensure firmness, the bottom-most layer of the mattress is created with a high-density foam which provides enough firmness to support your busy while you sleep. 
  • Smart Spaces- This mattress has smart spaces in the Differential Pressure Zone layer that allows better air circulation and gives a  comforting and cooling effect while you are asleep.
  • Suitable for your spine and it keeps your body in shape
  • Provides firmness and prevents you from sinking into the bed
  • Eliminates joint pains and body aches during night sleep
  • Provides a continuous sleep without causing any discomfort
  • Mattress is quite bulky and difficult to carry
  • Expensive as compared to other mattresses

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress, then Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is the best mattress for back pain in India. It uses the latest sleep science to design the best mattresses which absorb and redistribute the heat in your body. 

Dimensions- 78*60*6 inches

Size of the mattress- Queen Size 

Warranty- 10 years


  • Back Support-  The 3 zoned layers in the mattress provides great orthopaedic support and air circulation. The memory foam in the mattress regulates the pressure exerted by the body and in turn, gives proper support to the spine.
  • Soft and cooling- The softness of the mattress gives a comfier feel and the cooling effect keeps the body cool by absorbing all the heat.
  • Relief to the back pain- The multi-layers of the mattress provide great support and relieves your back pain. 
  • Temperature regulation- The Phase Change Cooling foam makes the mattress absolutely comfortable and regulates the body temperature while you sleep. 

  • Pressure-relieving technologies provide relief to orthopaedic patients.
  • 3 zones layers provide excellent back support
  • The fabric used in making the mattress allows better air circulation
  • No problem in setting up
  • Protectors are absent
  • Mattress is firm

Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress

Owing to the additional support it gives to the orthopaedics for their aching limbs and body,  Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress is the best mattress for back pain in India. It is a  medium comfort mattress which provides you with good comfortable sleep. 

Dimensions- 78*72*8 inches

Size of the mattress- King Size 

Warranty- 10 years


  • Reversible- It is a dual, reversible mattress which can be used on either side. It is medium-soft on one side and form on the other. Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress is the only memory foam mattress with such a reversible quality.
  • Multi-Layers- The mattress has an advanced multi-layer base support system to provide the required comfort to your back. The base is in the form of bonded foam on top of which is a softy foam. The support layer eliminates motion transfer and provides additional support to body areas like the back and joints.
Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sizes- The Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress is available in four primary bed sizes in India. Besides, the customers can order their desired dimensions depending on their bed size and requirements. 

  • The dual side give comfort the way you prefer
  • Motion isolation causes less disturbance to person sleeping near you
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heavy to lift
  • No color options to choose from

SleepX Ortho Memory foam mattress

SleepX provides India’s finest and premium quality of Memory Foam mattress. To experience the maximum back support along with a comfier feel you must opt for the SleepX Ortho Memory foam Mattress.

Dimensions- 72*60*6 inches

Size of the mattress- King Size

Warranty- 10 years


  • Adequate Back Support- The mattress has been specially designed with orthopaedic technology that provides efficient support to the spine thus enabling you to sleep in a proper position. 
  • Plush feel- The mattress has been created with soft knitted fabric which not only makes it comfortable but also provides a plush feel on the surface.
  • Efficient Air Circulation- The soft knitted fabric allows better air circulation which keeps the mattress fresh.
  • Neem Fresche Technology- The mattress has been designed with the neem fresche technology which not only keeps it safe but also protects your mattress from mites or bacteria.

  • Offers adequate pressure relief
  • Mattress maintains the shape of your spine and relieves you from the back pain
  • Excellent contouring effect on the body
  • Heavy to lift
  • Retains body heat
  • Expensive

Today, back pain is no longer considered as an age-specific problem targeted to older people. Studies show that around 20% of the young population belonging to the age group 16-34 years are suffering from back pain. This is true especially for the ones who spend most of their times on bed, with a mattress not suitable for them. As strange as it may sound, you need to have proper knowledge about every mattress and its features, keeping in mind your sleeping habits, medical condition, before you think of purchasing a mattress. 


  1. How do I know when to replace the mattress?

The right time to replace your current mattress is when you feel uncomfortable in your present mattress. It might cause your back to ache and lead you to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night or early morning with a body pain. These are all signs that your current mattress needs a replacement. Select the new one judiciously keeping in mind your comfort and back pain. 

  1. What type of mattress is good for health?

Latex Mattress and Memory foam mattresses are the most preferred types of mattresses to keep you in good health. Latex or a light foam mattress would be a good option for light sleepers. Similarly, memory foam mattress can assist in relieving your pressure points and assist in adequate blood flow. Which one to choose depends clearly on your needs. 

  1. What are the factors to keep in mind before buying a mattress for back pain?

Before choosing the right mattress for back pain, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Comfort Ability
  • Firmness or Softness
  • Budget
  • Support
  1. What if the mattress is good, but the back still aches?

It is not always the mattress you should blame in case of a consistent back ache. An individual’s lifestyle, his posture while standing, sitting and most importantly the position in which he sleeps plays an important role in causing back pain. So no matter how specialised or good your mattress is, there are always other factors to be considered in a back pain.

  1. What are the signs that my mattress is too firm?

It is always good to have a bounce in your mattress to provide softness and comfort. If the mattress is too firm, it will cause upper backaches. Similarly, if the mattress is too soft you might sink into it causing lower back pain. 

  1. What are the best mattress for back pain in India?

The best mattress for back pain in India include:

  •  Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress
  • SleepX Ortho Memory foam mattress