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Best Hair Straightener in 2021

Ready to go out after the yearlong pandemic but can’t find the best hair straightener for yourself?

It takes a long time to figure out which hair straightener would suit your hair type the best. So many products and their alternatives in the market that it leaves your hair all messy and frustrating. There are the affordable as well as the expensive ones and then many ponder over the longevity and warranty of the best hair straightener. 


While buying a hair straightener there are a few things you need to keep in mind. And like every relationship, the right one will last long, treat your hair well and give you the fresh glossy look you search for in the market without making too many compromises.

The effectiveness depends on your hair type and whether the hair straighter is suitable for it or not. This is the most important thing most people overlook. The interaction between hair straightener and hair is what matters. 

  • Thick hair needs a broader plates and high temperature. 
  • Fine hair means one does not need to spend too much money on high temperature straighteners.
  • Curled hair requires hair conditioning and high temperatures. These require extra care as well as wide and ceramic coated plates. 
  • Most do not recommend using hair straightener on Damaged hair. But if you do want to, spend some money on heat protectants or salon treatments. Same with Chemically treated hair. Use low temperature (within or lower 230° C) and good quality plates. 

Picking the right plate type and size is also key. There are different types of plate available in India: 

  • Solid Ceramic plates spread the heat evenly. It keeps the temperature constant and it is ideal for frizzy hair. These are all-rounder in the hair straightener pool. 
  • Tourmaline Plates are on the rise in India. These produce the negative ions that interact with the positive ions that can counter dry, damaged hair. It prevents extreme heat exposure. 
  • Titanium Plates have the same characteristics as Tourmaline Plates. But these plates heat up quick, are durable and heat conducive. They provide you the high-quality results you are looking for. Although, these are a bit pricey and it is suggested to use gloves while using these straighteners because they are hot. 

Plate Size matters: Each affect the hair differently. You can buy these according to your needs. The size can be distinguished into:

  • 2.5cm – 3cm Plates: Best for Short hair, budget and travel friendly.
  • 3cm – 4cm Plates: Short and medium hair, as well as travel friendly
  • 6cm Plates: Effective on thick, long hair.

Keep the temperature in mind: Each hair is different. 

Meaning they all need different heat temperature settings. This means you might damage your fine hair if the temperature is higher than 190°C. 

For thick, long hair ideal temperature is 190°C to 210°C of heat.

Take the weight of the straightener and grip in consideration too. If you buy a heavy one, it will be hard to use the product as your arms will be strained most of the time. For grip, if it is too big for your hands, you won’t be able to manage the straightener. So, if you have small hands, pick one with a small body/ handle. One pro of the small straightener, they break easy.

Additionally, do not opt for cheaper options. These may look pocket friendly, but they almost never produce the result you are looking for. They either have low temperature or poor-quality plates. These can also damage your hair. 

Uneven heat causes damage to your hair cuticles. That means more split ends and breakage, also, dry hair. Many times, your hair gets burnt due to uneven heat spread. 

Not that, products that suit your budget are not available in the market, but it is always advised to buy a branded straightener which also provides a warranty.  Brands are used and trusted by professionals. While you may not need to buy high-end stuff by Dyson and Philips, they do have other variants that would suit your casual needs. 

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Straightening to the business, these are our hand-picked products available in India.

We have sorted out the 5 best hair straighteners in the beauty market. 

Take a look at our assortment of hair straightener and you will definitely find one that will be your next favourite for a long time. 

1. Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control Hair Straightener

This best-selling hair straightener by Phillips is in high demand in the Indian market. A cross between professional and casual usage, this product is for those who have curly hair and just cannot straighten it.

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Keratin infused ceramic plates ensure the straightener glides through your hair at an optimized temperature, leaving silky and smooth. It minimizes the friction with less heat exposure. Extra wide plates are specifically for thick or long hair, reducing the time to style you hair. 

Takes about 60 seconds to go up to 210°C Professional Heat, comes with a variable temperature control between 190°C or 210°C. 

But our favorite is the Ionic Conditioning. In simpler terms, when you run a straightener through the hair, the static leads to frizz. Philips Kerashine eliminate this problem and smoothens the hair cuticles. 

Change your hair shape that gives you that salon look. Plus, the 1.8m power cord for maximum flexibility, LED indicator and the 2 years warranty are the added bonuses. 

One note, when the product is used, one might hear a sizzling sound as well as strange smells. This is nothing to worry about; the product is safe to use.


  • Ionic Conditioning: Ensures a smooth and glossy look.
  • Prevents hair damages with SilkPro Care.
  • Variable Temperature Control to ensure heat adjustment.
  • Quick heating 210 °C, flexible cord, and 2 years warranty.
  • Unregulated heat flow.
  • Takes time to shut down.

2. Havells HS4152 Titanium Plates Hair Straightener

One of the leading beauty brands in India, Havells has some quality straightener for you! But from the pool, we have chosen: Havells HS4152 Titanium Plates Hair Straightener. 

This is one of the finest hair straighteners in an affordable range. Lauding the Titanium coated plates, the 25×120 mm wide plates ensures frizz free hair. 

The product lets you choose between 155°C to 230°C for maximum styling flexibility which can be adjusted from the control button ‘+’ and ‘- ‘. 

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For safety, the straightener shuts off automatically in 60 minutes and saves energy. 

Quick heating features, the titanium coated plates distribute the heat evenly. It protects the hair from overheating. Floating plate result to faster styling, preventing hair breakage.

But Havells HS4152 has its other usage too. This hair straightener can be used for curling hair as well. The attenuated plates and the curved edges help you get the retro and bouncy curls. 

This is one of the best hair straighteners in India currently. And it is arduous to find a straightener with this flexible range, so there is not much to dislike about this one. 

Other user safety includes a 1.8 m long cord, a locking mechanism for the plates and auto shutdown. The locking mechanism makes the straightener more portable and suitable for travelling.  However, many users have reported that curling hair using Havells may not be ideal. Also, some reported an unusual smell while operating the product at 230°C. 

  • Diversified temperature control settings. (6 temperature setting for flexibility)
  • Quick heating up and 2 years warranty.
  • Auto- shutdown to save energy.
  • Sturdy body
  • Not ideal for curling hair.
  • The body can heat up due to Titanium plates, so it is advised to use gloves.

3. Vega VHSH-22 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener

No hair straightener list is ever complete with a Vega product. The company has been reigning in the field of beauty tools for years. They have a variety of products in multiple price range with assured quality.  

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Vega Pro Titanium Hair straightener is a ready to use product. Quick heating with digital temperature display gives you the smooth, glossy, to-die for salon look. It glides through your hair effortlessly because of its titanium plates, it styles your hair instantly. 

You can also set the temperature between 130°C to 230°C as per your need. For your convenience, the straightener has a lock system so you can store it easily as well as making it ideal for travelling. 

360° Swivel Cord to prevent unnecessary tangles and it rotates conveniently. Power Indicator Light indicated when the product is in usage and consume up to 110-240V power. 

Other advantages: heats up in 60 seconds, Ceramic coated plates, can be used to style your hair into a variety of looks such as flip, curl and waves.

  • Titanium plates provide safety and shine.
  • Digital Temp. display with Travel-friendly features and a lock system.
  • Quick heat up time.
  • Temperature is adjustable.
  • Not ideal for curls.
  • Body heats up very fast; Advised to wear gloves.
  • Cords are not long enough.
  • Considered pricey.

4. Nova NHS – 840 Professional Series Straightener

Just like Vega, Nova will be present on every list for hair straightener you check out there. The best hair straightener in its price range, Nova NHS has multiple stylistic looks. Extremely popular in India, it is effortless.

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One needs to use a cream or spray to ensure long lasting straightening. This is a low heat product ideal for fine hair type. Heating in 60 seconds, one can use this for curling as well. It can give you that luscious, long and the bouncy look.

This product is more focused on outer body styling. It has a tapered grip so that you have a firm grip on it. This reduces the risk of slippage. 360° Swivel cord rotates prevents unnecessary tangles and makes it that much more convenient. The equipment has a temperature range between 120-200 ℃. It also has a power button to switch it on and off. 

Power indicator light and lockable feature make it more hassle free. Nova NHS- 840 is ideal for daily use and easy to maintain. It also has a high- quality ceramic coating and floating plates. The product glides through your hair effortlessly and zero hair damages. 

  • Stylish and sturdy design.
  • Hair friendly plates.
  • Colorful appearance.
  • Compact and Travel friendly.
  • No warranty.
  • Not suitable to use on wet hair.
  • The straightening last for 2-3 hours.

5. Braun Satin Hair 3 – ST 310 Straightener

The final on the best hair straightener in India list is: Braun Satin Hair 3 – ST 310. This Braun product has 13 setting for styling flexibility and healthy styling.

The Extra-wide 100% ceramic eloxal plates make it look like you just walked out of a salon. This is considered suitable for majority of hair type and confirmed to be safe for use. The temperature is between 130°C to 200°C.

The plates on this thing are near about indestructible. Extra wide plates ensure effortless styling with temperature regulation and maximum hair protection. It is considered best for medium to long hair. You have total control on how you cast your hair. 

It heats up in 40 seconds and is 1.5x wider. Evenly spread-out the heat makes it more convenient and smooth gliding through the hair. This can also create curls and waves without damaging your hair. Although, do not use this on wet hair as heat can be harmful to it. 

It is considered travel friendly, along with its auto-shutdown function to save energy. The plates have a cool tip so that no accidents happen when using two hands. 

  • 40 seconds heat up feature.
  • Best for Medium to Long hair.
  • Cool tip allows you to use it with two hands without burning yourself.
  • Auto shutdown for saving energy.
  • Sometimes, the hair gets stuck between the plates and breaks off.
  • The straightener may dry your hair out.


Hair straighteners are one of the essential small appliances. The above mentioned are the best hair straightners will prove to be quite beneficial for your hairs. It will give you a long lasting elegant appearnace. Its time to say goodbye to the frizzy and messy hairs.