Best Duroflex Mattress for your Home

Duroflex mattress has been designed keeping in mind your comfort. It aims at providing undisturbed sleep through its smart technology. Duroflex has the expertise of 5 years and offers premium quality in its mattress. It keeps in mind the hygiene and safety of its customers while crafting the mattresses. 

Duroflex offers everything you need for perfect sleep ranging from lightweight and cooling mattress to soft and cosy pillows. It has a diverse collection of mattresses according to your needs and sleeping patterns. 

Duroflex Mattress Collection

Duropedic- It is one of the best orthopaedic mattresses that can be a great relief for your back issues.

Energise- This collection of mattress has been designed with the anti-stress technology that would give you a deep and comfortable sleep. 

Natural Living- These are 100% eco-friendly mattress that would give you a nature-fresh feel.

Essential- If you are looking for affordable but high-quality mattresses, then this is the best mattress collection for you. 

Why should you prefer Duroflex mattress?

Duroflex mattress has always tried to craft unique and high-quality mattresses. All its mattresses have been designed with advanced sleep technologies.  Moreover, it has created a mattress with different materials like organic latex, memory foam, high resilient foam. It is also considered to design India’s first anti-viral mattress protector that keeps you and your mattress safe.  

Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch Double Size Coir Mattress

The wrong mattress might lead to severe back problems and also give you uncomfortable sleep. Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch Double Size Coir Mattress does magic to all your back problems. It has seven different layers of distinct materials that would give proper support to your back. 

The high-density coir in the mattress ensures free air circulation, thus keeping the mattress cool and firm. For proper spine alignment, the mattress has a 5 zone orthopaedic support. The high resilient foam and rebonded foam in the mattress makes it durable and increases the firmness.

The top layer of the Duroflex mattress is covered with PU foam quilted knitted fabric that gives it a plush surface and luxurious feel. It is a highly recommended mattress for people with misaligned spine or any severe back issue. 

On the meter of firmness, the mattress measures on the scale of the extra firm. Each zone of your body gets accurate support. The mattress has a warranty of 7 years.  

Duroflex Balance- Memory Foam 8 Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Life is all about balance, don’t you think so? Then why not establish this balance in your sleep. The balance between your body and the mattress. Duroflex has tried to create this balance through Duroflex Balance- Memory Foam 8 Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress establishes the perfect balance for your body and mind.

Engineered by experts it is an orthopaedic mattress that refreshes and revitalizes your body. It has been designed with heat absorption technology that would keep you cool while sleeping. The mattress provides an accurate balance due to its multiple layers that give support to the 5 different zones of the body.  

The durability of the mattress is due to its sandwiched core of rebonded foam. The foam also provides softness to the mattress. The primary layer of the memory foam is designed for pressure-relief and contours your body perfectly. 


Duroflex Riseup – Bonnel Spring 7 Inch Single Size Spring Mattress with Pillow Top

If you do not get a refreshed sleep you might feel irritated the entire day. Duroflex mattress has a solution for all your sleep problems. Duroflex Riseup – Bonnel Spring 7 Inch Single Size Spring Mattress with Pillow Top is a durable and comfortable mattress. The various materials in the mattress not only provides support but also makes it firm.

The mattress has a super soft foam layer that gives a plush and comfier feel to the mattress. To ensure that you sleep peacefully, Duroflex has used high resilient foam layer that provides more softness and comfort. 

 The firmness and durability of the mattress are due to its Bonnell spring that adds on to the resilience of the mattress. For reinforcement, there is a cotton felt layer. The PU foam quilted knitted fabric offers a luxurious look to the mattress and also provides a cushiony effect to it.

The mattress is sag resent, thus provides firm support to your body. On the firmness meter, the mattress scales on the firm. It has a warranty of 5 years. 

Duroflex Prana- Natural Latex 8 Inch Queen Size Pocket Spring + Latex Foam Mattress 

If you are a nature-lover and feel blissed when surrounded by nature, then Duroflex has something amazing for you. Always aimed at providing peaceful sleep to you, Duroflex Prana- Natural Latex 8 Inch Queen Size Pocket Spring + Latex Foam Mattress will make you experience a peaceful sleep in the lap of nature. You must be thinking how isn’t it? Well, the various features of the mattress will clear all your doubts.

The organic cotton fabric of the mattress provides natural cooling while you sleep. It also provides softness to the mattress and will give offer you luxurious sleep. 

The 3 zoned pocket spring in the mattress offers an accurate bounce and at the same time provides optimum support to your body. This layer of the Duroflex mattress also ensures no partner disturbance by preventing the movements across the mattress.

The high resilient foam layer and the 3-dimensional spacer mesh offers firmness and comfort. For enhanced support, the mattress comprises pure natural latex foam which not only enhances the support but also gives a nature-fresh hygienic feel to your mattress. 

The various materials of the mattress allow better air circulation which enriches the quality of the mattress. It has a warranty of 10 years and measures medium on the scale of firmness.