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Amazon Sale: Discover the exciting New Launches

Every year Amazon begins the sale season with jaw-dropping cracking offers and manages to set the minimum price for different products. Amazon’s Great Indian festival is taking over the responsibility to make our festive season’s shopping easy and budget-friendly. It has launched various amazing useful household items to save our time and to help us work smoothly. Amazon has divided the products into different categories to make our decision-making process much simpler and effective. It offers humongous discounts and offers changes as per the demand of the products. One can say that the offers and the demand for the product are inversely proportional. We will give you details about some of the newly launched products available this season which can be helpful in our household chores.

Havells quatro 15 litre vertical storage water heater

The Havells quatro 15 litre vertical storage water heater is now available on the official Amazon site. We all know it is so difficult to take a morning shower in the chilly winter season. This water heater has solutions to all our bathing problems. It is a budget friendly water heater which provides us hot water at any time of the day as per our need. It is a perfect electrical appliance in a regular household of 5-6 members. It can be easily installed as it is lightweight.


Capacity – 15 liters

Manufacturer- Havells India limited

Warranty – 1 year

Replacement – 10 days


  1. This Havells heater is made of ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates 
  2. It has Incoloy 800 glass coated heating elements which keep provides resistance to oxidation and carbonation
  3. It has an anode rod with a stainless steel core which is used to prevent from corrosive elements
  4. It comes with a CFC free thicker PUF insulation which helps to protect the extreme heat loss
  • It comes with a Whirlflow technology which prevents a direct contact between the flow of cold and hot water.
  • It optimizes energy and saves a lot of energy consumption too
  • It has a shock-safe plug to avoid any mishaps due to power cut
  • Free installation services are provided by the seller
  • No faults have been detected so far

Morphy Richards icon superb 750 watts mixer grinder with 4 jars

Morphy Richards icon superb 750-watt mixer grinder with 4 jars is a friendly and easy to use a mixer grinder which is available at the best price. As we all know, a mixer grinder is a key appliance which is used in our kitchen and this one particular product is worth the money. It saves a lot of time and effort which is going into mixing and grinding. It can be used to serve various purposes like making dosa batter or any kind of dips etc. Check out this mixer grinder with the end number of benefits.


Wattage – 750 watt

Revolution – 20,000

No. of jars- 4


  1. It has separate jars for grinding dry and wet ingredients
  2. It is made of 100% copper motor for effective grinding and mixing
  3. It offers 3 types of speed adjusting facility depending upon the state of the ingredients
  4. It has 4 blades which are made of stainless steel
  • It is perfect for making juices and grinding
  • It has installed overload protection technology to protect the mixer from overrunning and spilling the items out of the jars
  • It has a pulse feature for smooth grinding
  • It makes noise while running
  • It does facilitate some burning smell in the beginning

Kent zoom vacuum cleaner 

Kent zoom vacuum cleaner is an effective vacuum cleaner to protect our house from every kind of dust particles. This product assures you to give a squeaky-clean house by putting minimum effort. It gets exhausting and difficult to clean the house in a traditional way. Therefore, this vacuum cleaner reduces our burden and helps us to clean our house efficiently without getting tired. 


Wattage – 130 watt

Colour – Blue

Weight – 2 kg 400 gm


  1. It is a cordless and easy to use the vacuum cleaner
  2. It can be charged easily and runs for 30 minutes after getting fully charged up
  3. It has a HEPA filter with high efficiency
  • It is convenient to use for cleaning the house
  • It reduces air pollution
  • It has a lightweight ABS body which makes to easier to handle
  • It has an advanced cyclonic technology
  • It takes 4-5 hours to get charged up fully

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Elite (RO+UV+MTDS) 

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Elite (RO+UV+MTDS)  is one of the best water purifiers available in the market. It purifies the water and makes it safe for drinking. It keeps us healthy by killing the harmful germs present in the water. This purifier looks classy and modern and adds a good touch to the interior of the kitchen.


Capacity – 8 litres

Material – Food grade plastic 

Colour – White/Black 


  1. It gives an indication and alarms us if there is any problem detected in the system
  2. It has a feature to adjust the TDS which helps to control the taste of water
  3. The company offers free installation
  4. It consumes minimal power

  • It is economical and value for money
  • It is 100% safe for drinking
  • It has a mineral guard to retain the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • It has a chemi-block feature to avoid impurities getting mixed with drinking water
  • There is no stand available with the product
  • The product requires good care to last long

Forbes Robo Vac and Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV sanitization

Forbes Robo Vac and Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV sanitization is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner. It has a sensor and a powerful suction feature with a great UV action. We don’t have to keep dragging the vacuum cleaner anymore. We have to sit back and relax after connecting the robot vacuum cleaner to the wifi. It reaches every corner of the house where it is not possible to clean manually. 


Colour – Black

Battery cell type – lithium ion

Battery – included 


  1. It has a smart sensing technology which is easy to operate
  2. It offers 3 stages of cleaning feature which are smart dust tank detection system, multi-surface floor cleaning and multi cleaning mode
  3. It has an auto-cleaning mode which automatically adjusts its cleaning process as per the situation
  4. It has duraclean battery which runs for 90 minutes
  • It is user friendly and can be operated just by a touch of a button
  • It has an auto docking feature which automatically gets connected for charging
  • It can be used for dry cleaning as well as wet mopping
  • It becomes obsolete with time

Vidiem ADC MG 579A Mixer Grinder

Vidiem ADC MG 579A Mixer Grinder is a great affordable mixer grinder for multipurpose use. It helps us to do various things like grinding, mixing, juicing, mincing, coconut grating etc. It is a difficult task to find the right kind of mixer which fulfills all the necessary requirements. This product stands out as it offers great services.


Material – stainless steel

Wattage – 750 watt

Warranty – 2 years 

Motor warranty – 5 years 


  1. It provides separate jars for performing a different process 
  2. It has an air pump system which offers 40% more cooling
  3. It has quadra flow technology 
  4. It is unique because it can be used to knead dough, grate vegetables

  • It consumes 10% less power
  • It has a feature of self locking the jars which makes it safer to use
  • It has tri-mate couplers which can handle high load
  • It is a multi-chef product
  • It becomes confusing to use in the start

These are some of the interesting products which are launched on Amazon Sale. We must be attentive and quick in making decisions regarding our purchase. We must explore different products and should not get overwhelmed with too many offers. There are many products which are unique but we should be careful while purchasing any new product. We must compare prices before selecting the right product. The sale season is the best time to grab and test the unique products at the minimum cost. It is advisable to wait and check the deals every hour as it fluctuates instantly. Therefore, make the best use of the sale season and become a happy shopper.

Written by Anupriya Pansari